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Nov 9, 2023

A quick look at the third Republican debate as five candidates fight for voters and the favor of the party. Did any contenders stand out? Jenna breaks down three things to know about this debate, and three moments that matter. 

Hear: Ramaswamy's kinetic opening, the context for the "scum" heard around the world, and a thoughtful response from a candidate looking to create momentum.

Plus - the five minutes that will summarize the debate and each candidates position in one swoop: 25:00-30:00.

Letter From The Editor: I set out to record a "mini" pod on this event as an answer to your requests on social media. Turns out, the report is not so "mini". As we enter this busy political season, I'd love your feedback as to what length works best for you! Email us: Thank you so much for being here and helping us build a solution in news! Jenna 

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