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Jul 1, 2024

We jump right into the breaking news from the Supreme Court, a ruling that leaves more questions than answers on both how this decision impacts the the immediate criminal cases vs. President Trump, and the future of the U.S. presidency overall. 

Plus, developments in the days after the first presidential debate of 2024 and an important lesson from two of the best athletes in the world.

✓ 3:00: Meet the “Goodest Boy” of the U.S. gymnastics team and hear his heart-warming backstory.

✓ 8:00 Why This Supreme Court case on presidential immunity matters.

✓ 10:00 The SCOTUS ruling establishes first of its kind legal guidance for future cases about presidential immunity, plus context for how the media refers to the Supremes.

✓ 12:00: The ruling. A consequence? A potential legal maze of allegations. A key takeaway? Its affect on the timeline of Pres. Trump’s federal case.  
✓ 20:00: Chief Justice John Roberts’ summary of the ruling, plus a note about impeachment. 

✓ 22:00: A scathing dissenting opinion by Justice Sonia Sotomayor.

✓ 27:00: The unknown and why we can't hypothesize. 

✓ 30:00: Justice Clarence Thomas’ statement about the constitutionality of Special Prosecutors.  
✓ 33:00: Moving on: the fallout from the presidential debate ... as of now President Biden still plans to run. He returns to the White House Monday evening.
✓ 35:00: Two on the record soundbites about Pres. Biden’s future.  
✓ 40:00: Political conventions and presidential candidates.   
✓ 42:00: A fun fact about President Lincoln and contested conventions.

✓ 48:00: Breaking news ... and a "Lesson from the Simones" on rest. 
✓ 52:00: Our wish for you? A love-filled, liberty-celebrating 4th!  

Read the ruling for the presidential immunity case on

Could a Brokered Convention Replace President Biden?

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