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Aug 21, 2023

We take a closer look at the acronym center-stage for the first presidential debate of the 2024 election season – plus: the storms to watch, and a new way to look at the moon (and why it matters).

0:00 New data shows that for the first time, more content is being consumed through streaming than through cable or broadcast channels. Here's why this matters as we wonder if this trend will continue! 

4:33 Storms We're Watching: One historic storm on the West Coast – Tropical Storm Hilary – and one "more typical" storm creeping towards the Texas Coast. 

7:26 An update on what's happening in Maui. 

13:00 Politics: What we're watching for in the first presidential debate for the Republican Party (which will occur on Wednesday). Plus ~ Why do we use the term "GOP"?

23:18 Also On Wednesday: Whether or not India will land on the south pole of the moon, and why this matters. 

25:35: Leaving you with a question!