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Jun 28, 2023

A mutiny against the leader of the nation with the largest nuclear arsenal in the world OR ... something else?

News of a revolt against the Russian government led by a private Russian military company ricocheted around the globe sewing confusion and apprehension *until* the threat seemed to fade almost as quickly as it ignited.

What really happened with The Wagner Group's move on Moscow? Why does this matter?

Journalist and author David Satter spent decades living and working in what's now modern-day Russia - navigating the final days of the Soviet Union, the end of The Cold War and the rise of a relatively unknown man to power by the name "Vladimir Putin" - David was expelled under the Putin regime and remains a diligent reporter on Russian affairs, providing invaluable analysis and insight, on this topic and many others - with an eye towards the next big question: What should we watch for next?

We hope you enjoy it! Thank you for supporting a FREE PRESS:

Key Names/Places To Know:

Vladimir Putin: President of Russia

Yevgeny Prigozhin: Head of The Wagner (pronounced Vaugh-ner) Group

Aleksandr Lukashenko: President of Belarus

Rostov: The southern city in Russia where The Wagner Group publicly began its revolt.

Bakmut: A city in Ukraine - the site of what some describe as "the longest and bloodiest battle in the war" (NPR) - The Wagner Group eventually prevailed on the side of Russia.

Show Notes:

Reference to the extent Russia/Belarus will go to arrest an "enemy of the state" in :

Putin's Chef:

Our additional Interviews With David: