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Aug 29, 2022

A special conversation that takes you behind the scenes as a war reporter.

Who is a "fixer," what do they do, and why do they matter? In the world of journalism, a fixer is an important person who the audience rarely sees but who is essential to news gathering in nearly every way — a lifeline for both the reporter and the story — as you'll hear in this special conversation between veteran war reporter Hollie McKay and her fixer, Ahmad Naweed, who lives in Kabul.

Listen as the two share insights into a world few of us know, explaining what it's like to work under Taliban rule in a country transitioning power virtually overnight.

You will hear them reflect on the extraordinary situations they navigated: close calls averted, adventures shared, and what life is like in Afghanistan one year after the Taliban takeover of the country and the withdrawal of the United States.

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