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Jan 8, 2024

Did you know an airplane's cockpit recorder only keeps two hours of data before erasing, and starting over?

Just one of the many interesting facts we learned today prepping for SCOOP and covering an accident impacting Alaska Airlines (and beyond). We catch-up on:
  • The flu (rising respiratory infections nationwide)!
  • The potential government shutdown (and a potential deal in the works on two fronts).
  • The presidential election (and the first major votes cast next week).
  • The Pentagon and the mysterious state of the SecDef's health.
  • The Department of Justice's priority this year.
  • And a question: If you could prioritize any topic in the news, what would it be?
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Show Notes:

Flu Surveillance:

Border Encounters:

NTSB presser on Alaska Airlines flight:

Pentagon Press Release:

Dept. of Justice:

Good Political Calendar: