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Jan 16, 2024


We’re joined by author, political commentator, and self-described “center right disaffected” journalist, Mary Katharine Ham to break down the Iowa caucuses.

2:30: Vivek Ramaswamy leaves the race for the nomination 

5:00: Mary Katharine Ham joins us with analysis about Iowa and what to watch in the future. 

7:00: The key takeaways from Iowa.

10:00: What appears to be the main issue for voters.

17:00: Is the 2024 field officially "set"?

24:00 Why you can't rely on "normal" political indicators. (Thank you to Jessica Jimenez for the question).

28:00: Tara’s Question: How will removing former President Trump from the ballot impact the early races? 

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33:00 The story to watch: Why multiple roads lead to Iran. 

  • Navy SEALS board a ship transporting Iranian weapons to the Houthis; two operators go missing at sea.
  • Hamas: a designated terrorist group backed by Iran launched a terrorist attack in Israel, a key American ally.
  • Hezbollah: terrorist group backed by Iran fires on Israel, responding to Israel's war with Hamas.
  • Houthi: formerly designated terrorist group backed by Iran, harrasses ships in solidarity with Hamas.
  • Iranian-backed militia attack U.S. positions in Iraq, Syria more than 130 times in the last several weeks after Hamas launched a terrorist attack.

Some have warned of a regional conflict – but has one already started? 

How could this story change the image of American leadership for U.S. voters?


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Mary Katharine Ham:  

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