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Jun 16, 2018

SmartHER Summary

We often perceive absolutes as facts.

But the truth often exists in shades of gray, rather than black or white.

 This week’s news on the historic Singapore summitbetween America & North Korea serves as a prime example. In the aftermath, the debate over what the summit means or what it doesn’t vacillates between an epic moment in time OR a just a drop in the bucket.

All or nearly nothing.

We humbly suggest the summit can, in fact, be both. And THAT’S why it’s powerful and notable.

Interestingly, you can both work as an expert of North Korea AND never step foot in the country. And that’s a fact about almost every single person you’ve heard this week espouse about North Korea – except for Michael Malice who has done BOTH, visited North Korea AND researched and written extensively about the hermit kingdom. Michael joins us on the SmartHER News podcast.

The Singapore summit remains bothan important story and a major distraction from other news overseas:

Islamic terrorists kill an American soldierin Africa.

China strategically parks dangerous weaponson highly contested islands.  
In Russia, the World Cup brings “spoons of victory”and an Iranian team *suddenly* finds itself without its shoe sponsor.

An important memorial at Pearl Harbor remains closed indefinitely
Plague resurfaces.  
And a proposal to split California into 3 separate statesmakes it on the ballot.  

An inspector general at the FBI bothshuts the door on a chapter in American historywhile leaving an opening for more questions about political bias.

The Supreme Court rules you can be removed from voting rollsif you BOTHdon’t vote and don’t respond to mail.
A teenager bothsuffers from the darkness of depression, and sheds light on a potential solution.  

Father’s Day, a holiday, inspired by a man with a background as BOTHa Civil war veteran and single dad.

Juxtapositions make stories dynamic. And leaving room for “both” makes us Smart (HER).

Instead of uncertainty, considering bothreflects another fact: endless possibilities.

Happy Father’s Day,

Jenna and The SmartHER Squad.
P.S. A very special Father's Day message on our podcast.